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      Inspiration is given by Arteconomy, a Belgian company who brings art, economy, science, technology, education and creative industries together, in order to dare enterprises to create, through ground-breaking collaboration, new ideas, new products, new services and a different view on corporate culture. Always starting from a partnership, a win-win, between all parties.

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    • Sundry Seeds

      ‘Sundry Seeds’ Social Enterprise
      The ‘Sundry Seeds’ social enterprise model seeks to address the challenge of social divides linked to increased urbanization and diversity by tapping into the potential of the growing economic sector of tourism. The booming tourism industry offers an “environment in which those people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests” (UNDP). Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. According to the UNWTO (2018), international tourism arrivals were up by 7% in 2017, to a total of 1,326 million. At the same time, international tourism spending was up by 4.9% worldwide. Tourism also produces economic and employment benefits in many related sectors. It is a motor for increasing prosperity for local communities, both at the micro level of involved individuals and their families, as well as at the level of the communities in the region where they live and work. 

      A ‘Sundry Seeds’ is an attractive cluster of diverse community oriented enterprises in a town, which are active in the broad sector of tourism, and which are mainly managed by young women and newcomers.
      • Those entrepreneurs develop social business initiatives focused on employment and empowerment of (vulnerable) people.
      • Together they build a ‘Great Good Place’ for visitors and locals, contributing in that way to the growth of a pleasant town full of diversity.
      • They take responsibilities for developing a sustainable society and are committed to a better future, not only for their own strengths , but also for a better world.

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