Baba Marta is a mythical character in Bulgarian folklore. In folk beliefs, represented in proverbs and tales, her name is connected with the name of the month of March. There are three months that are personified in Bulgarian mythical representations – January, February and March. January and February are presented as brothers with a fierce character – Big Sechko and Little Sechko. Baba Marta is considered their sister, who is sometimes smiling and benevolent, sometimes unpredictably evil.

Many customs and holidays dedicated to the coming spring are associated with Baba Marta and the month of March. The most famous custom associated with Baba Marta is the adornment of people and young animals with martenitsa (twisted white and red thread) on March 1 – the day of Baba Marta's arrival. Throughout the month, rites are performed to chase away snakes and lizards, as well as fortune-telling related to certain migratory birds.

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