Ръчно изработена детска играчка “Коте”


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Ръчно изработена детска играчка “Коте”

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Мека, ръчно направена играчка, изработена от памучен плат с много любов, Чудесен подарък за вашите деца. Подарете си Усмивка!

Размери: 20 см, различни цветове


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The Draw My Smile social enterprise was established at the Non-Profit Association ” cancer patient and Friends” in the city of Burgas. Started in April 2016. with an awarded grant for the most social business project under BCNL, America for Bulgaria and UniCredit Bulbank. Souvenirs are made with the voluntary work of cancer patients at our weekly art studios. In them, we combine our love for art and applied creativity with the need for human closeness, understanding, significance and satisfaction with what was born of our hands. The proceeds from the sale of many souvenir-made souvenirs are to finance the psychosocial rehabilitation of cancer patients at the Association’s patient center.